A small file system inspired by ext2 using FUSE, written in C.


Before anything, change line 10 in benchmark/simple_test.c to YOUR MOUNTDIR (read below)!

Use to run the project. This script automatically does the following:

  1. Check if TFS is already mounted at MOUNTDIR (defaults to /tmp/<user>/mountdir). If it is, it will unmount it
  2. Build the project
  3. It will check that MOUNTDIR is a valid location, and if it doesn't exist it will create it
  4. Mount TFS at that location

The ouput is color coded and is verbose with the process in order to ensure reliability, consistency.

Change mount point§

If you want to mount TFS somewhere else, you can set the MOUNTDIR variable manually, but make sure it is an absolute path, or the unmount grep match might not work properly! For example, if you wanted to mount at /home/rmcf/someother/mountpont, you would do the following:

$ MOUNTDIR=/home/rmcf/someother/mountpoint ./

You must also change line 10 in benchmark/simple_test.c to the MOUNTDIR specified above!


To speed up development and productivity, I recommend using lightmon

This will watch the project for any files ending in .c or .h, and execute ./ whenever the files are updated.

$ lightmon shell -s -w .c,.h